Who Are You Not To Bloom?

Who Are You Not To Bloom?

How do we survive the up’s and downs that life presents? How do we continue to dream when our dreams feel shattered? How do we pick ourselves up and keeping going?

More importantly, how do we continue to grow and truly experience the real meaning of what it is to bloom in our lives and in ourselves?

As a life coach, often the expectation is that I have it all together. But I too am human (surprise!) I have doubts, uncertainties, crappy days and sad moments in my life. Sometimes I drink too much wine, go to bed too late and reach for chocolate when I shouldn’t. People are not perfect. Life is not perfect. I am not an exception.

What I do know is this. It’s how we deal with what comes our way in life that is the skill to focus on and really hone.

Blooming for me is about an opening up to your own personal power and the possibility in your life. Believing that there is more for you, that life can be fulfilling, happy, varied and exciting. Believing that you are worth it and going for whatever it is that makes you the most happy.

So let’s make an intention together. To now live with the intention of blooming.

How can we do this?

1. Pay Attention To What You Believe About Yourself

Life becomes more full of possibility when our beliefs are dynamic and support positive growth. Understanding how we create our own reality and experiences is empowering. Once we understand this we can shape what we want to have happen in our life, what we want to feel, see, think.

For instance, if we don’t consider ourselves as loving and loveable how can we expect to fully receive love from others or find new love. If we don’t consider ourselves as worthy or capable how can we expect to live the life and achieve the things that we dream of.

Ultimately, when we don’t believe or trust in ourselves we stumble, hold back, pick fights, defend and let old baggage and old stories get in the way of growth and change.“I’m not good enough”. “I’ll never find love again”. “People never change”.

Instead, sit down and spend a little time writing about your core beliefs and feelings. What do you always tell yourself? What do you blame yourself for? How do you judge yourself critically? What thoughts continually enter your mind that don’t resonate with your new desire to bloom? How would someone who was living with the intention of blooming think and feel?

We can refuse to think and listen to negative, unhelpful thoughts. Look how often you have refused to think positive thoughts about yourself. So you can also refuse to think a negative thought about yourself. Understanding and being gentle with ourselves helps us to move out of negative thought patterns and feelings. Try approving and believing in yourself for a change and see what happens!

2. It’s Your Choice

Here is what’s magnificent- you always have a choice! To bloom and grow or to stay as you currently are – whatever state or mood that might be.

It only takes one moment of awareness to shift the entire course of your life. To make you see things from a different angle and choose more wisely or differently then you have before. What would someone who was living with the intention of blooming choose to do in your situation?

3. Love To Learn

The more we surround ourselves with education that empowers us to expand on who we want to be and how we want to live our life, the more likely it is that we will learn. So consider trying something new. Read a book from the self-help section every now and then. Go to courses. Get a life coach. Study. Train for a half marathon. Follow your curiosity and your interests in your spare time. Bloom.

With your new intention to bloom always look for one simple thing. Progress. Because it’s seeing and feeling progress that makes a person happy. That motivates us onwards and upwards.

Blooming and personal growth is something everyone has access to. We are never as stuck as we tell ourselves we are. All of us have power over our own thoughts and the ability to make positive choices for ourselves. Choosing to bloom is up to you.

What might you start doing differently?

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  1. What a wonderful, hopeful post! I am now going to get up off of the sofa and go for a bath and then start my day all over again and this time I am going to bloom!!

    • Thanks so much for sharing with your followers Deb. I agree, I just love the word ‘bloom’ it evokes a really strong imagery and feel for me xx

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