A Vibrant Heart: Who’s It For?

A Vibrant Heart: Who’s It For?

As creative projects stand, just like with your children you should never really have favourites. It’s unfair to do so!

But occasionally, there’s always one that you resonate with a little more strongly, see yourself in a little bit more, understand and relate to more easily.

If favourites were going to be chosen between my 3 books…..then A Vibrant Heart would have to be mine.

The mind, body and spirit are not seperate.

What affects one, affects the other.

This is to take zero away from my other two books. I love them equally as much. Their message and the content inside as equally as important. If your mind and spirit l aren’t on board, then your body (the focus of A Vibrant Heart) is going to suffer and not feel as best as it could- I don’t care how well you eat or how much you exercise. If your mind is negative focused, overly-critical and flat then your body will never feel good enough, well enough no matter what you do. And if your spirit feels disenchanted with what’s happening to you in your world then again nothing will ever feel right or be enough to make you feel better in yourself, in your surroundings.

The three are all inter-related.

A Vibrant Heart

Perhaps it’s because in A Vibrant Heart I touch, for the first time, on my own body struggles with anorexia and perfectionism. How I combatted that type of thinking and what I learnt from viewing and treating my body so negatively. Lessons that I don’t want you to have to learn the way I did- the hard way, a pointless way that cost me my health, my happiness and nearly my life.

Life is for living and enjoying with zest. That includes the approach we take with food and the way we move our bodies. There isn’t a need to be so restrictive in our eating, so rigorous in our training that we can’t be balanced. Appreciating a little of this and that here and there.

My recent trip to Portugal and France to visit family highlighted that for me. A diet full of fish, olive oil, salads, seasonal fruit, quality handmade bread, cakes and pastries for the occasional treat, coffee without all the milk, the occasional glass of wine. While the quality of life and income for many people (particularly in Portugal) may be lower, the quality of their stomachs, their food, in my family anyway, was above and beyond our own.

There is certainly a lot to be said for the mediterranean way of eating.

A Vibrant Heart

I gladly ate up a ridiculous storm while overseas. It felt a little like a “Tour de Carla.” Another table, another dish, another type of cake, another glass of wine. I took the whole time of exercise and instead kept busy with visiting as many people as I could fit in and walking almost everywhere. I thought for sure I would have put weight on, I was eating way more than I would usually. Way more! To my surprise I lost weight.

You can’t outrun your diet.

I’ve taken the reminder and polished up my own cooking and eating habits at home. Upped the salads, the fish and chicken, reduced the number of lattes I have, removed the snacks I ate without thinking and that I didn’t really love anyway- the last two being habits that always seem to creep into my eating during the colder months!!

The book A Vibrant Heart is more than about food, your body or your weight. It is an inspiring guide that invites you to explore movement, eating and mindset with love and enthusiasm. All in the spirit of loving your body over hating on it. That to me is so important.

A Vibrant Heart is for you if:

  • You’re unsure of where to start and need a mind body health over-haul
  • You want to add an extra level of vibrancy and positive mindset to your existing health and wellness routine
  • You have a teenage girl in your world who needs a positive body image boost or reminder
  • You’ve gone through a period of neglecting and not prioritising yourself
  • You have low self-confidence in regards to your appearance and what you have to offer others
  • You’re over-eating, under eating or just not eating as well as you know you could be
  • Exercise has never been your “thing”
  • You don’t have the time to exercise in your life

You can find for purchase A Vibrant Heart in either hard copy format here or as a downloadable eBook here.

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