The Well & Heart Circle

Join me for my New Year Well & Heart Circle starting on Monday 4th March!

What Is The Well & Heart Circle?

It’s easier to create change if we’re doing it alongside others. And it’s easier to believe in ourselves if others believe too. With almost everything in life we work better as a team, and when it comes to our health and wellness, it’s no different.

That’s why we have The Well & Heart Circle. A supportive group for likeminded women to co-create change in their lives from the inside out. It’s so much more than about health, it’s a lifestyle change.

The Well & Heart Circle is a holistic online program for an intimate group of up to five women, working with me over four months, to achieve BIG results:

  • In your health
  • In your mindset, self-talk and passion for life
  • Achieving your goals in any area of life- personal or business
  • Supporting each other
  • Coached by me across all areas of inner and outer health – nutrition, self-belief, exercise, life balance
  • At your own pace and tailored completely for you

The Well & Heart Circle

Why Does The Well & Heart Circle Include A Nutrition Supplement?

Simply I’m skilled at bringing out the best in women but I can’t control what you put into your mouth! Yet what goes into your body is the most important thing, in fact it’s everything. It shapes your macro and micro nutrient level which impacts on your mood and your energy levels so it is the perfect base for us to work from together.

How Much Does It Cost?

It really depends on your goals, the program you select and your health, but it starts from just $1.60 a day. That’s about $48 a month.

The Well & Heart Circle

What’s Included?

  • Group and online coaching with me over 4 months consisting of a monthly coaching email and weekly touch base with me.
  • Wholefood supplement package of choice
  • Personalised goals and a step by step plan to get you there
  • Our daily rituals for happiness guide
  • Intimate support network of women
  • Access to our private online members group
  • Free resources and eBooks on nutrition, plating up for health, low-tox living, pilates for fitness, weight management, natural beauty and skin care, recipes, holistic practices and more
  • And also my award winning Living With Heart series of eBooks on confidence, body self-love, gratitude and our intimate relationships with others.

How Do I Join?

Simply reach out using the button below and I’ll be in touch to chat more and work out the best program for you. It really is that easy.

Do you have children or are you a caregiver? If so there is also a program for you, The Well & Heart Circle For Kids. You can find more information by following the link here.

The Well & Heart Circle For Kids

Say hello!

If you’re needing more personal care, I’m here to help. I’ve been completely in love with supporting and healing women for over four years. I work one-on-one so we can become clear on what you need to shift and bring more of into your life.

Please feel free to send me a quick email with your enquiries below.

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Carla Da Costa

Carla Da Costa Life Coach, Certified Law Of Attraction Coach, Author and Speaker