The Power Of Starting- My Journey From Personal Blogger To Finding My Passion

The Power Of Starting- My Journey From Personal Blogger To Finding My Passion

There’s a lot of talk around finding your passion and doing what you love. But so often the problem isn’t in the doing, it’s in the finding what our passion is, our calling or even where our strengths lie. Most of us when pushed to answer the question “what is your passion?” feel unsure how to best answer.

Sometimes that uncertainty is because we feel like we’re not that particularly good or love anything enough for it to be a passion, and other times it is because we are multi-passionate- passionate about many things.

My path to becoming a life coach, started with me first being a personal blogger. I started “My Yellow Heart” with no agenda other than to get back into writing and diary keeping- both things I used to enjoy. It felt right and the timing of my start captured for me a time in my life where I was doing something a bit different, living in the Pilbara (the outback) region of Western Australia.

I started before I felt ready. I started with a blog name I wasn’t even sure I liked. I wasn’t confident in my writing- stringing a sentence together took forever! And I wasn’t confident in my photography skills.

Carla Da CostaCarla Da Costa

Carla Da Costa

The three logos I have written and now work under.

My point is that I made a decision to start and did so. Nothing, including myself was going to get in my way. I didn’t question my desire to write. And I didn’t buy into the negative thoughts that gave me plenty of reason to not want to start. “You can’t write. Who do you think you are? Nobody is going to want to read this. Seriously Carla there are already so many personal blogs out there”.

I followed my interest, my curiosity and my creativity. I did it for enjoyments sake and in turn I exposed myself to new skills and to new people. I felt alive. I felt creative in my own skin.

The power is in the starting and not necessarily with worldwide success and domination in mind as the outcome. It could be something you are compelled to do for the pure joy of it or something you must put down on paper, create or make.

“And while the paths and outcomes of creative living will vary wildly from person to person, I can guarantee you this: a creative life is an amplified life. It’s a bigger life, a happier life, an expanded life, and a hell of a lot more interesting life” – Elizabeth Gilbert


I can guarantee you this, your passion is not going to land in your lap and say “hey, here I am, your long-awaited passion!” To find it you are going to need to start somewhere and there’s no better place than to think back to your childhood or adolescence. Maybe it was a hobby you loved, a sport you took part in, an activity that made you feel alive, something that you enjoyed doing at school. Remembering, that you could also have multiple passions.

For me, I am obviously passionate about writing, but as a child I took piano lessons for 7-8 years. While not an accomplished piano player in anyway, as an adult I now appreciate the joy and beauty that playing the piano brought to my life. It is a passion of mine and hence why I have my eyes out for a well-priced second hand piano!!

But start somewhere. With something, and follow that curiosity. You might end up somewhere completely different to where you might expect. You might end up where you thought you would all along. In time you might even find a way to combine all of your passions, all of your strengths into one pulsating, joyous thing.

It was only 2 weeks ago that a dream of mine was fully realised, having my first article published on The Huffington Post (you can read it here). That is something I would never have imagined for myself when I first pressed published on that first blog post for my personal blog.

So tell me. What did you enjoy doing as a child that you are going to make an effort to start enjoying again as an adult?

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2 Responses to The Power Of Starting- My Journey From Personal Blogger To Finding My Passion

  1. I used to absolutely love reading fiction books and it has been YEARS since I read one! I’ve developed a keen interest in self-development books but I’ve only just realised how much I miss the adventures and interesting characters and special powers and other-worldiness of fiction. Thank you for the reminder lovely! I’ll be dusting off an old favourite and taking a bath this afternoon:)
    P.S I played piano for 10 years as a child and recently bought a keyboard and I’ve been having so much fun! I’m definitely rusty but I’m looking forward to playing for enjoyment rather than to learn songs and do exams! xx

    • Oh yes, feeling you on that one. So much nicer knowing you don’t have to learn songs for exams!! Puts the enjoyment back into playing for me xx

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