The Circle

The Women’s Wellness Circle is an online holistic health, life + wellbeing program for women. It is self-directed and designed to support and hold you accountable as you make long lasting and sustainable changes to your self, health, relationships and overall wellness.


This Is For You If:

:: You want to feel more vibrant, lighter on your toes, clearer in your thinking.

:: You want to shed weight, whether that’s a little or a lot.

:: What’s showing up in your life doesn’t match what you know you deserve – relationships, careers, friendships, lifestyle.

:: You want to feel like your life has more purpose, passion and excitement.

:: Your stress levels are a problem.

:: You’re living within your comfort zone but it’s actually blocking you from doing, having and being what you actually dream.

:: You often feel bloated, sluggish and tired in your energy and mood.

:: You want accountability, support and connection with like-minded women.



All Inclusive:


The Women’s Wellness Circle is a space where no matter what your age or budget, there is an option for you. It is a program starting at as little as $13 per week and when you sign up to the circle you get lifetime access to our resources and community.


All members get access to:


:: A positive change starter guide.

:: The Living With Heart coaching journals to help you set goals and revision your future in the areas of health, confidence, dating and relationships.

:: The Living With Heart gratitude journal.

:: Coaching on self-love and learning to appreciate ourselves and our bodies as women.

:: A 60 day easy to follow, eating program designed by a fitness nutritionist to help you lose body fat and increase muscle mass.

:: Juice cleanse programs.

:: 30 day shake it up smoothie guide.

:: Low-tox living tips.

:: Eating guides that will empower you to learn about your health on a holistic level and WHY things are happening (aka gut health, stress, cravings, how to plate up, mental health, toxins, anxiety and hormones)

:: Access to a variety of other amazing wellness professionals to enhance your growth, awareness and self-care.



Results We’ve Seen In The Women’s Wellness Circle


:: Weight loss

:: Abundant energy levels

:: Feeling more positive everyday about life and self

:: Decreased cravings

:: Improved relationships with loved ones

:: New relationships and careers showing up that actually match what we dream and desire

:: Improved gut health

:: Skin issues clearing

:: Life feeling more purposeful, on point and hopeful



Our Community


We don’t believe anyone should take a journey of growth and self-development on their own…where’s the fun in that? It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a community, someone believing in you before you truly do yourself, to raise up a strong woman. The Women’s Wellness Circle is that space for you. We meet you where you’re at and allow you a judgement free space to grow.



What Are You Waiting For?
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Our Ambassadors

If you are interested in health + wellness and love giving back to others then we would love to collaborate with you. The Women’s Wellness Circle is a program designed to enhance other peoples lives and experience as well as your own. Whether you have an existing customer base or simply have a dream or vision you’d love to share with us we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out to us here

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If you’re needing more personal care, I’m here to help. I’ve been completely in love with supporting and healing women for over four years. I work one-on-one so we can become clear on what you need to shift and bring more of into your life.

Please feel free to send me a quick email with your enquiries below.

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Carla Da Costa

Carla Da Costa Life Coach, Certified Law Of Attraction Coach, Author and Speaker