The Biggest Improvements I’ve Made To My Health Since Going On A Cleanse In Fiji

The Biggest Improvements I’ve Made To My Health Since Going On A Cleanse In Fiji

Right now I am feeling the best health wise inside and out then I have felt in a very long time. After returning from a 9 day Tony Robbin’s program in Fiji, most of that time spent on a cleanse, I’ve literally returned back to Perth with a whole new set of tastebuds. For this former sweet tooth and latte lover that is a big call to make!!!

I’ve done juice cleanses regularly before (you can read about them here) but this cleanse was something else for me. I left Fiji feeling not only energised and excited about my life, but also feeling like a brand new me- inside and out. Cleansed in all ways of anything lingering that shouldn’t be there- toxins, behaviours, thoughts.

To add to that, I left Fiji with a digestive system that felt 100% and it showed in every part of me. My skin texture improved, my hair was all of a sudden wavy again, moments of brain fog were gone and replaced with more clarity, I had more energy, I didn’t need to lose weight but I’d toned up and lost a few kilos and my digestion was no longer irritable and touchy.

Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who are

Steven Gundry

When you start feeling this way for a few days it is virtually impossible to return entirely to your previous eating habits. My diet was admittedly already pretty good previous but since returning from Fiji I’ve adopted a new everyday normal for myself and I feel amazing for it.

Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.

So what has changed in my daily habits to leave me feeling amazing enough that I simply have to share this with you……

Breakfast Has Changed

I never questioned my breakfast. I woke and ate almost the same thing everyday on waking. Whether I was hungry or not. Since Fiji my everyday breakfast has changed completely and instead has been replaced with a chopped variety of fruits. I follow that up with Elle Mcpherson’s green alkaline powder mixed into a glass of water (I’ve been using this product for sometime and highly recommend it), followed then with a shot of Udo’s oil which I take with fruit (in the same way I would take my shot of tequila with lemon!)

Only later in the morning, if I’m actually hungry, will I have something a little more substantial, eggs, porridge or a salad. Only then if I want a coffee will I actually have a coffee (and to be honest now it’s no longer a habit to have a coffee automatically when I wake up I find that I rarely feel like one). And now when I drink my coffee I actually really enjoy it, I don’t just throw it back for the energy buzz it gives me. The experience feels entirely different.

More Fruit & Vegetables

I will always be a carnivore. I enjoy eating and having meat, fish, chicken and seafood in my diet as much as I do my greens and fruits. It is however highly acidic for the body which is not ideal or healthy. I’ve always eaten plenty of salad because it’s healthy but now I eat a lot of salad to combat the acids I’m knowingly putting into my body. For me that’s balance and feels good and allows me to enjoy foods I love.

And the fruit….well I was just never all that big a fruit eater before. Now I keep it accessible all the time. Chopped up, in the fridge and ready to be eaten whenever I feel like a snack. Bananas, kiwi fruit, rockmelon and pineapple are my favourites. And as you expect, my daughters are eating even more fruit now too.


I won’t go into too much detail but the process involves a pipe, my backside and warm water. Maybe just read more about it here!!! I am a typically healthy person inside and out but a period of stress had left my digestion a little all over the place and having colonics has rebalanced that for me. Removing and cleansing toxins from my system and leaving me with what feels like a clean slate to move forward with. A colonic every 2 or so months will be something that I include into my routine from now on and happily so because of the benefits I have experienced.

Processed Sugar Is On The Outer

Of course there were a few foods that I had missed eating while I was in Fiji. But the one thing I missed the most, sweets, was the one thing that left me feeling incredibly unwell after eating them when I returned home to Perth. Processed sugar is incredibly acidic and unhealthy on our bodies and time spent without it in my diet showed me how big a part it played in my digestive problems. Sweet foods like chocolate, lollies, cakes are something I now eat only small amounts of and occasionally; simply because of how unwell they leave me feeling. It really has to hit the spot for me now to want to eat it- the best chocolate, my favourite homemade cake not just any old thing that is offered to me or that is sitting there.

Coconut Milk Based Hair Products

Having children and a busy lifestyle had left my once wavy hair dead straight. I used to joke that my daughters took my curls when they were born! But something started to happen in Fiji as my body started to recover and cleanse; my waves and the shiny hair I used to have naturally came back. Without a doubt the nutrition in the cleanse played a huge part but I also believe that using a natural based shampoo and conditioner made with coconut milk did too. You can find the product I love for purchase here.


This isn’t new for me but the importance of drinking more water than you need was emphasised during the cleanse and we all need the reminder at times. Drink more water, 2.5 litres at least. Your cells need it and so many common complaints; brain fog, tiredness, headaches, muscle aches are due to a simple lack of water. So drink up!


How can you add your own health changes into your lifestyle easily? What could you add first?

A Vibrant Heart is a great book and resource to help you plan and map out what amazing, sustainable health looks and means to you. You can find it for purchase here.

A 3 or 5 day juice cleanse is also a good way for you to cleanse and give your system a break and a detox while still getting all the adequate nutrients that your body needs. My favourite juice cleanse in Perth is here. If you can I always find the most benefit from their 5 day cleanse.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your cleanse journey Carla! I’m starting to clean up my eating and become more conscious of what I put into my body + the link between food and mood, so it’s appreciated and really interesting to read about what you’ve tried and loved. Reading your post has made it super clear to me that so much of my eating is purely habit and routine, rather than tuning in to what my body needs so THANK YOU for helping to inspire that revelation for me. I’m excited to experiment with different foods, change things up a bit and fuel + nourish my BODY rather than eat based on my moods. Keep up the wonderful work beautiful soul. Sarah xx

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