The 5 Best Things I’ve Started Doing For Myself

The 5 Best Things I’ve Started Doing For Myself

I rarely blog now… in fact it’s been quite a while since I have! Do we still read these things?! You tell me lol.

2018 ended and 2019 started with enough of a change and evolve in me that it was time I touched base with you here to share a few things.

What I’ve outgrown? What I’ve grown into? What’s working for me now? Where I’m at?

So here they are…

1. I’ve Stopped Trying To Change People Or Make Them See Things The Way I Do

I accept and take people for how I find them. No expectations. And it’s been a weight off…nothing’s quite as personal anymore.

You do you and I do me. We either align and are in the same space and are looking for the same things or we aren’t.

2017 me, even early 2018 me was very good at getting her heart set on situations and people. Regardless of where I was at in myself or where they were at.

I lost incredible amounts of energy, time and thought on things that were never going to go anywhere. I just don’t have the interest to do that anymore.

I’m much more willing to flow with people and situations now. Which isn’t to say I’m never disappointed.

I’m simply more aware that relationships and situations are amazing, uplifting and fun when there’s an equal appreciation. And I’d rather put my energy there.

2. I Started Counting My Steps

You can laugh but this has actually been really telling for my lifestyle 🙈 Surprisingly there are days where I am busy and flat out but actually I’ve been quite sedentary and haven’t moved anywhere near as much as I thought I had.

Yes, smart watches might be a modern gimmick and keeping active doesn’t need a score. And I agree!

But what I have come to realise is that sadly some days I spend more time sitting down, on my phone, in the car, on the couch, at work than I thought I did!!

I am so much more aware of my incidental movement now and having a smart watch has encouraged me to be more active on a daily basis, outside of workouts, Pilates or the gym.

3. I Changed My Morning

I read “The Miracle Morning” during a solo trip to Bali in the Christmas/New Year break and it completely changed the way I looked at my mornings.

I’ve always been more of a natural night owl than an early bird. However 4-5 mornings a week I now gladly choose to wake earlier and start my day with quiet before anyone else, touching base with my goals by writing them down several times, then followed by some visualisation and meditation. All up it takes me perhaps 15 minutes.

I love my sleep but I’m actually growing to love meeting my day in this way more. Simply because it leaves me feeling more positive, centred and relaxed when I do.

4. Embraced Being Ready For Long-Term & Solid

This has been a change and evolve in me. It’s been three years since my marriage ended. While some people happily dive straight into another relationship for the long-term I was never fully in that place. No matter how much I tried to be!

I really enjoyed my own time and doing what I wanted to do. With hindsight I can also see I needed to feel a sense of freedom.

It’s now been replaced with a desire to only place my time and energy onto people, places and things that are solid in my life, supportive and long-term.

Solid is the word really now I write this. And if it’s not then unashamedly I’m a “no thanks I’ll pass.”

A tip if you happen to find yourself struggling to find solid and long-term in your life is to stop doing this one thing.

Stop playing down and making light of what you actually do want.

If you want easy, short-term and fun in the moment admit it unapologetically. There’s nothing wrong with that. Equally if you’re ready for solid and long-term in your career, relationship, the home you live in and so on then also…admit it unapologetically! There’s nothing wrong with that either!

5. Created A Sense Of Community

I’ve consciously started reaching out to others more than I ever used to.

It’s been a deliberate choice to reach out to the people in my life and circle, personally and professionally. I don’t need 20 acquaintances, I’m a happy girl with 5 close friends. And I don’t desire to have 10,000 followers on each of my social media platforms. I’ll happily have many, many less if they’re beautiful people who benefit and love what I do.

I started Living With Heart Co. four years ago as a personal blog, originally as a way to connect with others, to keep in touch with people and to meet new people. Absolutely nothing has changed in that for me even with my page now evolving to be what I do professionally.

And a sneaky sixth…something I’ve only started doing since the start of this year but will do for the rest of 2019.

6. Totalling Up Everything I’ve Earnt At The End Of Each Month

On a page in my diary I write down every dollar that has come to me in the month just passed. Wages, interest earned, eBay sales even. You name it! If it came to me in cash or was deposited into my bank account, I write it down.

Why? Several reasons. What you focus on grows- I want my money to grow because it gives me choice and freedom in my life when it does. It’s empowering. And it’s going to force me to be creative and try to beat the previous months total every month!

This exercise, for most of us I hope, proves that we do have money coming to us regularly and that it is our choice where that money goes.

It’s been powerful for me.

I’d love to know…of the six above which do you most need to start doing?

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