How To Tap Into Your Intuition (Using This One Simple Technique)

How To Tap Into Your Intuition (Using This One Simple Technique)

You know more than you think you. We all do.

Whether it’s confusion around what to do next, where to from here, how you really feel about something or someone. All of us at times find ourselves questioning  at times what direction should I choose? What is the best thing for me to do in my life?

Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect   ~ Steve Jobs

Many of us are more in the habit of asking our friends, parents, co-workers or our therapists for advice. Seeking our own counsel, going within, often does not occur to some of us.

Expressed frequently as a ‘gut feeling’ or a ‘hunch’. The quiet inner prompting of our heart, that relies more on instinct than on specific knowledge, often is overshadowed by the loud talk of our head- the full of facts, rationality and knowledgeable side of ourselves.

Our intuition does not rely on external proof or circumstances. Because of this, many of us consistently dismiss it’s quiet whisper that we feel in our hearts and in the pits of our stomachs. We doubt it’s accuracy and as a result, find ourselves feeling unhappy, stuck and in painful circumstances or situations.

Asking for our inner guidance is asking for wisdom over knowledge. We stop trying to force things to go the way we think they should. We give up trying to fit square pegs into round holes (I’m good for doing this one!) Instead we trust in the larger context of our lives, trusting that ultimately all will be well.

How then do we access our intuition? How can we distinguish the voice of inner guidance (our intuition), over the voice of imagination or worse, the voice of fear and limited self-belief?

I’d like to invite you to access your intuition by writing a letter to your inner guidance. You can address in whichever way feels best to you. “Dear Higher Self”, “Dear God”. Or, as I prefer “Dear Wisdom”. In your letter, write about your situation, your feelings, your confusion- whatever is challenging for you in your life. Explore some of the feelings you have in this letter, ask ‘Wisdom’ any specific questions that you may have, or would like clarity on.

End your letter with the following: “Dear Wisdom, please write through your pen. Thank you for listening”. Take a moment, and then write a letter back to yourself from ‘Wisdom’. Don’t censor your writing, just write from your heart and let the words spill onto your page. 

The point of this exercise is to access your higher level of awareness, the quiet voice that we so often dismiss. Those ‘inklings’ or ‘nudges’ have more merit than we give them credit. So choose to listen and act on them.

I hope you find this exercise helpful in your decision making xo


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