How I Stay Healthy & Happy

How I Stay Healthy & Happy

I am not the same person today that I was three/four years ago.

I used to be an over thinker, someone who worried a lot and allowed the opinions and negative energies of others to affect her easily. Truthfully I was more of a sponge for other peoples energies- my mood changed easily dependant on who was in my space.

Today, I’m a mostly positive, relaxed, confident person who is at ease with others.

This is not to say that life has always been easy. I’ve had plenty of challenges in my year. I am however, finally at this point where everything I’ve experienced has shaped me positively.

I am the best version of me that I’ve ever been.

That realisation kind of excites me in my life right now, to look back and feel how far I’ve come and know how much I still have to experience and look forward to.

One size doesn’t fit all. I love and agree with the concept of bio-individuality when it comes to health and happiness. What works for me, particularly in terms of diet and exercise, might not for you. Keeping that in mind this is what has worked for me and shaped me positively over the last three years.


I’ve learnt to love moving my body. Whether it’s walking, pilates or going for a run. I’m kind of addicted. I didn’t always feel this way. It just happened over time- I just started to love exercise and the way it left me feeling.

Movement for me is about loving on my body, loving on my emotional state. I put a lot of my happy state down to moving my body, exercising in some form everyday. I’ve also become the master of short bursts of exercise when I’m home, 10-15 minutes here and there- it is just as effective.

Today I feel strong, I feel toned and that makes me feel more confident than being skinny ever did.

On a typical week I walk with my dog most days, I walk rather than drive as often as I can, I run twice a week, I take one or two Reformer Pilates classes a week and I do pilates at home, or a resistance workout at home five days a week.


I am a big believer that everything happens for a reason but I do believe you have to also be proactive in your own life- not let life happen to you. My life has become so much more full and exciting since making the decision to live like this. To look for solutions, seek new experiences rather than wait for change to happen for me. I wish I’d learnt to live my life that way earlier!

I’ve learnt to let go of my expectations when it comes to others behaviours. Realising it’s not my business what other people think of me, in fact it’s a complete useless waste of my time and energy. Particularly in circumstances where I know I’ve behaved as honestly, as genuinely as I could have. Letting go like this has been freeing. It’s left more space for people who bring out the best in me to enter my life.

I’ve learnt to be softer with myself and in my relationships with others. To embrace my feminine side more- to choose people and situations that don’t harden me but bring more of that softness and positive energy out in me also. Life has been a lot simpler and more enjoyable since deciding to do that.

And I always make time for doing things with people that I love. No matter how busy I am.


It’s the simplest of advice. Just eat less crap. I started adding more of the good stuff into my diet and I crowded out the unhealthy stuff. I basically left no room for it on my plate. I found myself not needing or looking for foods like chocolate and avoiding those foods that taste good in the moment but leave me feeling sluggish, lethargic and blurgh afterwards.

I’m also mindful of not trying to eat my emotions away and always try to deal with my feelings in a more constructive, helpful manner.

I most certainly go for quality over quantity. If I’m going to eat something that is sweet, I make sure it’s something that my tastebuds are going to love. Same goes for big bowls of warming pasta-which I also love. I don’t eat simply for the sake of eating. If I’m indulging I make sure it’s worth it and that I enjoy it!


Carla Da Costa

I have made a conscious choice to bring into my life people and situations that add to my confidence rather than take away from it. It has positively impacted so many of my choices. It meant that caring for myself and doing what was best for my health and mind became a priority. Opening up and embracing my femininity, my playfulness also became a priority. So too who I choose to have in my life.

I do all of the above because it feels good. It’s not selfish- I do so much for others in my life too!

When I am the best version of me possible, I positively influence others to be the best versions of themselves too. I show by example who I want my daughters to be.


Even if you do plenty for others what could you start doing NOW for yourself?


If you need extra motivation to feel your absolute best inside and out, my book A Vibrant Heart can do that! You can read more about it here.


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