Simple Self Help & Personal Growth Tips

Simple Self Help & Personal Growth Tips

Let’s be real…most of us are busy enough in our day to day lives plus there’s so much self help advice out there right now, to the point of overwhelm.

I hear this regularly from clients and it’s something I experienced at one point too…self help felt like a lot to do and another thing on the to do list. There were so many things we “should” be doing to love ourselves and grow ourselves.

There were podcasts, journalling, meditation, affirmations, visualisations, books, training videos. I should be exercising daily, eating my greens, grounding and spending time in nature.

But I also had a life I wanted to live, kids to care for, work I needed to get done and a house that needed cleaning!

I keep my self help light and fun now and it’s something I advocate for my clients for one reason.

It’s what we do everyday and consistently that changes our life, not what we do every now and again.

Simple self help that is easy to stick to looks like this for me:

  1. I keep a handwritten vision statement next to my bed that I like to take a few minutes to read through in the morning when I wake and before I climb into bed. On there I have three goals I’d love to see come to life over the next one-three years. And below that I have three to four “I Am” statements. These are values that I know I need to embody to become the woman who can achieve my goals. Reading this gives me a daily boost of purpose and inspiration so I can continue showing up in life in the way I intend.
  2. Seeking sunshine, fresh air and moving my body is a part of my lifestyle. I walk, I run, I do pilates, I have fun with my routine and keep my options open. If the weather is beautiful and I have the chance I head to the beach, if the weather is average I might do something from home. The secret is to simply do something everyday.
  3. I keep a daily focus on having a plant based diet because I know it speeds up the connection between the gut and the heart, sending more serotonin to my brain and leaving me feeling more centred and in-tune. Brain fog lifts, energy levels lift, mood lifts, how I show up in life lifts!

And if I’m feeling stuck, challenged or unsure I put my pen to paper and I journal. I get my feelings out of my head and I put them onto paper. So often I answer my own questions and self-doubt with this practice. And so often I give myself my own “a-ha” moment too.

How can you simplify what you do to include more of this into your life everyday?


Need help to change and uplevel how you feel about yourself?

Carla Da Costa is an experienced Law Of Attraction Coach based in Perth. She supports women through times of uncertainty and is specialised in helping them flick the switch from “needing and wanting” to powerfully attracting what they need and desire into their lives.

Carla’s approach is tailored and holistic rather than one size fits all approach. You’ll feel re-energised, excited and enthused about moving forward!

You can read more about Carla’s coaching here.

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