The Living With Heart Collection



Ready to give your life a breath of fresh air in every way – emotionally, romantically, spiritually and financially?


The Living With Heart Collection of books bring beauty, ease and warmth to life coaching and are designed to uplift and inspire every woman who reads them. 


Winner of the 2017/2018 “Beautiful You” Life Coaching book series of the year


On every page these beautifully designed books aim to inspire and bring out the best in you.

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Through asking heart-focused, powerful questions, the Living With Heart Collection will leave you feeling more centred and with a truer sense of your own purpose – who you are now, what you want from life, who (and what) brings out the best in you and how to start creating such a life for yourself.

Carla Da Costa

The collection consists of four books that compliment one another, touching individually on one of four areas; mind, body, spirit or love.

A Confident Heart focuses on mindset to help you embrace your own uniqueness and guiding purpose in life. This book asks you “what do you want from life?” and guides you to create it for yourself with enthusiasm and confidence.

A Grateful Heart is a beautifully designed 21 day gratitude journal to help lift and strengthen the spirit. Shifting your focus to what is important, what is working for you in your life.

A Vibrant Heart explores exercise, eating and mindset with love and enthusiasm. It is written in the spirit of doing what works for you; loving your  body over hating on it.

A Single Heart is a heart-felt guide created to help you leave your heartbreak and (unhelpful) relationship patterns in the past. Inviting love back into your life in the most positive ways instead.

These books are a gift and a promise to yourself – to be your best self possible

Tracey Jewel

Carla Da Costa

Through her own experiences of overcoming loss, separation and divorce, time spent in a mental hospital recovering from anorexia and associated anxiety; to the fun of Motherhood, finding your own feet as a woman and pursuing a life that feels as good as it looks, Carla Da Costa aims to inspire and guide you to create the same.

The exercises used and the personal anecdotes shared in all four books allow you to quieten your mind from the chatter of worry, stress and fear, listening instead to our hearts and how we really feel. And ultimately uncovering the shining truth of who we are- wonderful, exciting, unique, beautiful, and what we’re truly capable of.

The Living With Heart collection of books help you to connect your heart and your head in a way that transforms your dreams for your life and self into action. Allowing us to make decisions from a place of love over fear.

The books are both a joy and ease to read while still being powerful and impactful through their design and simple flow. Each book was written and inspired by personal experience and also by the teachings of individuals such as Tony Robbins, Oprah, Louise L. Hay, Julie Parker and Rori Raye.

Carla Da Costa



The books in the Living With Heart Collection can also be purchased individually in hardcopy or eBook version here.