“I Am” Affirmation Candles


Remind yourself of your own inner greatness, or gift someone you care about in a heartfelt way a reminder of theirs with these beautiful “I Am” Affirmation candles.


I Am Love.

I Am Present.

I Am Grateful.

I Am Free.

I Am Glowing.


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“I Am” Affirmation candles for women are a range of candles created to remind you of your own inner greatness in a heartfelt and beautiful smelling way! Having powerful daily rituals such as affirmations is one very simple way to create consistent positive change in our lives and in ourselves.

Each candle comes with their own affirmation printed under the lid. The intention being that as we lift the lid to light the candle of an evening or morning, that we are reminded of our affirmation, repeating it in our mind as we light the candle and later when we blow the candle out and replace the lid.

The words you attach to “I Am” become who you are.

We must first change what we believe before we can change how we feel as we move through life.

And what we feed our mind is equally as important as what we feed our body.

The candles are available in 5 designs.

I Am Loved. I Am Free. I Am Glowing. I Am Present. I Am Grateful. They are made from 100% pure soy wax and each candle comes boxed with an approximate 35 hour burn time.

The “I Am” Affirmation candles are a limited edition and will only be available for a short period of time. Local pick up (6006) is available by request simply add a note into your shopping cart and I will be in contact with you.


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I Am Loved, I Am Grateful, I Am Present, I Am Glowing, I Am Free