Self Investment: The Courses I’ve Taken In The Last 2 Years

Self Investment: The Courses I’ve Taken In The Last 2 Years

There’s something powerful in looking back and remembering where you’ve come from, where you started (try doing this for yourself, you will surprise yourself). This week as I started working with a new life coach for myself I did just that, reflected back on the “journey” that I’ve been on to reach this place in my life.

I recently come across some short and long-term goals that I had written in 2012 for myself, then folded up, used as a bookmark and proceeded to leave (and forget about) in the pages of a book. What I realised as I rediscovered these goals last week is that the sense of direction, where I want to be in life hasn’t changed all that much- I still want the same things. To be in a career or my own business with flexible hours, to be working in an area of interest I’m passionate about, to be in a loving and fulfilling relationship, to follow my own interests again and get back into pilates (I wrote these goals as a relatively new Mum when me time was rare).  In some areas I’m kind of there or at least on my way. In other areas I still have a lot of work to do! But in amongst all of that what surprised me the most is the “how” of this having all come about. I could never have picked or known the steps that have taken me from 2012 to now.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future” – Steve Jobs

I share this and the timeline of courses below only to prompt you to start somewhere. If there’s something you are thinking of studying, a book you want to read, a person you want to work with then start. Who knows where it will take you and what you will learn. Be curious. Follow your interests. Surprise yourself!

Not everything below cost a lot to do. Somethings were free, a lot were bought on an earlybird price- and with that in mind all I can say is that if there is someone you think you might want to work with or study with then jump onto their newsletter/email list, that’s where all the earlybird and discount offers are.

For me it has always come down to priorities. What I choose to spend my money on and how I choose to spend my time.

I’m unapologetic for my passion for personal growth and self-learning and I hope the below inspires you in some way x

Blog With Pip

This was my first ever eCourse that I was a part of with the amazing and creative Pip Lincolne. At the time I was playing around with a personal blog while living in the outback and this course taught me the basics of blogging, coding a website and writing for creativity’s sake. I met some wonderful women, many who I’m still in contact with over the interweb’s.

Bright Eyed & Blog-Hearted

This ecourse with Rachel MacDonald really had me thinking professional about my personal blog for the first time (and freaked me out a little in the process because my blog was small, not business based and completely directionless!) I did the work. Learnt a ridiculous amount and met some amazing, lovely people in the BEBH online Facebook community which I am still a part of.

Beautiful You Coaching Academy

I won’t go into too much detail here because I’ve mentioned it before, other than to say this is where I trained to be a life coach under the wings of Julie Parker, who is best described as a bundle of love. You can read my thoughts on the Beautiful You Coaching Academy here.

Influence With Selena Soo

I was excited to score a heavily discounted early bird price to the testing round of this new eCourse. I recognised very early on that I am not a natural marketer of myself or my wares. Some people have the gift of the gab, can name drop and PR themselves without losing breath….I am not naturally like that. The idea of networking and reaching out to others to collaborate left me feeling like I wanted to hide in the corner. This eCourse showed me how to embrace my down to earth nature, remain true to who I am and still feel confident enough to collaborate, reach out to others and put myself out there.

Chakra Cleansing Coaching Series With Jessica Kali

You meet the most extraordinary people when you are studying to be a life coach and I had the chance to volunteer myself to be a part of this free trial coaching series. Something so different than anything I’d ever done before and an experience that was profoundly enlightening.

Unleash The Power Within With Tony Robbins

I was extremely fortunate to be given a free ticket to this four day event (I went with my Mum). My then husband had gone to Unleash The Power Within (otherwise known as UPW) 12-18 months before I was able to go myself. I was initially very peeved that he had the chance to see Tony Robbins before me and that I was left at home literally holding the babies for a week! But at the time he was going to benefit seeing Tony Robbins more than I would have done so I let it go. I rationalised with myself that it wasn’t the right time for me and that it was the right time for him.

Timing is everything. When I finally had the opportunity to go to UPW in September last year I found myself at a major life crossroads. I arrived to UPW feeling incredibly stuck in my life, sad and unhappy with some huge life decisions (that I’d been putting off) hanging over my head. I had no idea what to expect for the four days other than having a strong feeling of “this is where I need to be for me right now.”  For four days Mum and I hung out in our seats with a little posse – Perry a handsome Italian guy, 2 young guys who had seemingly suffered something traumatic and had been early discharged from the army as a result, a traveller who was holidaying and working in Sydney, a Chinese lady who had been adopted out at birth by her parents because she wasn’t born a boy and Steve who thought all women were bitches and were only out to get him for his money.

For four days we danced together, gave each other back rubs, high-fived one another, shouted “make your move” and shared with one another, Perry being my partner and sounding board, our innermost stuff- what’s going well for us in our lives and what is not. But mostly what do we believe about ourselves, how are we holding our ownselves back, what are we not acting on.

I can only describe attending UPW as a huge turning point for me personally. I went there with the intention of not shying away from the “tough” stuff that was going on in my life at the time. Tony gave me the kick in the pants that frankly I needed but it was also the catalyst that ended my marriage.

Wild, Well & Creative With Claire Baker

Femininity, flow, spark. This eCourse helped me to reach back into myself and rediscover those parts of me that I had lost touch with. That had been buried underneath a pile of “life”. It really helped me better understand the duality and necessity of feminine vs. masculine energy. Not only the sexiness of that energy but also how some elements of my life and relationships had brought out more of my masculine, hardened energy. Sometimes you have to go through the tough times in life to really appreciate the parts of yourself you took for granted and lost. This course really put the softness and fun back into me, in such a way that I’ll never allow life to dull that part of me again.

MA Academy Business Bootcamp with Melissa Ambrosini

Melissa is one of Australia’s most well-known life coach and I am currently working my way through this amazing full of knowledge eCourse.


Tell me, what would you love to learn, study or try your hand at next? Or, what have you studied, what courses have you taken that you absolutely loved?

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