My Best Tips For Working Out From Home

My Best Tips For Working Out From Home

I love working out from home and have done so for the last four years. I’ve worked out in my living room, my bedroom, my backyard, my garage. I’ve worked out solo while my babies were napping, with babies watching, with toddlers and children watching, with toddlers and children joining in, solo while my children play or watch cartoons. You get the progression!

Working out from home is convenient and ridiculously affordable. I get to tailor my workouts to my body shape and my energy levels on the day and I get to enjoy the privacy of doing this in my own home.

I’ve used workout DVD’s, created and followed my own workout plan, used Kayla Itsines BBG program, followed the Tracey Anderson method and currently subscribe to a Pilates online workout video website. I’ve enjoyed the variety and I’ve loved seeing the results over time in my body shape and improvement in my fitness. And let’s be honest, working out leaves you with all those feel good endorphins while I also love!

Don’t think you can’t get the same (if not better) results from working out from home versus paying to exercise somewhere else. You totally can!!!

Here are my tips, that have helped me work out from home with ease.

Find A Workout That Is Right For You

I mention it in my book here, do what you enjoy and love doing. There are so many DVD options and online options available to use right now; Kayla Itsines, 28 by Sam Wood, Pilates by Lisa, The Body Method being some of my favourites. Trial a handful and see what works for you. Don’t do something for the particular result you want in the short-term. Do something because you will love the way it leaves you feeling, week after week in the long-term. Doing what you love always brings the best results.

Choose A Space

Being a creature of habit when working out from home is a positive thing! What I like to have is a usual space that I work out in and where I keep my hand weights, yoga mat etc. For me, right now I have a space in my bedroom that I use when I wake in the morning or of an evening and a spot outdoors I use during the day. I do this for one reason; it’s one less thing to think about. I know where to go and everything I need is at hand or close to.

Get The Right Gear & Wear The Right Gear

Treat your workouts like you would if you were going to the gym or the studio. Wear workout gear that looks and fits well on you to get yourself in the mood and make you feel enthusiastic. Have equipment at hand that is the right weight for you, quality and in good condition. Hand weights, ankle weights, a yoga mat- you can get many of these items inexpensively from Big W and Kmart. Big brand names aren’t necessary.

Schedule It!

I try to keep my workout times and what area I target in my body on a particular day the same every week. It’s routine and requires no thought; every week the basis of my workout schedule is the same. Mondays are a full body workout, Tuesday is always my most intense leg workout, Wednesdays are for core and booty and so on. I schedule it in my mind and my diary as though I was attending a class that I’d paid for, I don’t overthink it, I just do it and show up.

Be Flexible

Embrace your children into your workouts- if you have to stop momentarily for something that they need don’t allow yourself to be overly annoyed. My children are now so used to me working out around them that they don’t notice it. I don’t shut the door on them, I don’t slip away, I tell them I’m going to my bedroom to workout. Typically, they go off and play, occasionally might watch cartoons, sometimes they watch me and copy until I bore them! It was music to my ears when another family member asked my four year old where I was and what I was doing one day. She replied “she’s doing her workout, she’ll be back out soon!” She got it! And life….. it happens to all of us at times so if you miss a day for whatever reason don’t go overboard on the self-punishing- start afresh the next day.

Do everything with the intention of loving your body not hating on it. It feels better that way and you’ll get the same if not better results.


I’d love to know… you workout from home? What does your space look like? Do you follow a specific program?


P.S. If you need inspiration to stay motivated over the cooler months maybe my book here will help xx

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