Life Advice From Inspirational & Amazing Women

Life Advice From Inspirational & Amazing Women

Women raising women.

I get excited when I see others make positive changes in their lives. I’m inspired by women who’ve taken further strides than myself too.

Sometimes we all need a little extra boost of inspiration and there is no shortage of motivation with so many amazing women who we have been blessed to share our lifetime with.

Below are some of my favourite quotes from women who inspire me on the days I need it. The reminder to always put my best foot forward, to live gratefully in the moment and to plan around where I want to be, not where I find myself now.

I hope one of these inspire you today x


Elizabeth Gilbert
I adore this quote on being brave. It always makes me look restropectively back on myself- when I’m 70 will I look back with a smile and a happy heart or with a sense of what if?

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah has to be on the list. It was a given. She has so much wisdom to share and the sound of her voice is all knowing. Know yourself well, love yourself for who you are completely. Everything starts from there.


Tara Moss

I like to look at the things that I’m afraid of doing as simply something on my to do list. If it’s the obvious next step, if I know its the right one, I overthink less and then I do it.

Michelle Obama

Incredibly smart and educated yet still so down to Earth. I fell even more in love with Michelle after watching her on Carpool Karaoke dancing in her seat to Beyonce and Missy Elliot.

Amy Poehler

Amy’s book Yes Please is one of my favourite reads- full of humour, wit and sage advice.

This quote is important for everybody to remember- emotions are fleeting. When we accept this then we can aim to not become our moods or associate our self-worth with our emotional state. Remember this too shall pass.

Lisa Messenger

I took so much away from all of Lisa’s books. She’s such a go getter and I love this quote.

It reminds me that it’s not only possible but necessary to embrace my feminine softer qualities as much as my get it done masculine tendencies. I achieve more when I do and feel great in myself rather than exhausted and worn out.

Balance is key.

Sophia Loren

This woman has lived with so much passion, pasta and oomph. She really rocks her own style, unapologetically.

Lorna Jane Clarkson

Belief is the starting point behind every positive change.

Believing that you can achieve something, believing that you deserve and are worthy of whatever you need or desire. Anything is possible if your belief is strong enough.

The key here- to be mindful of your dominant thoughts (you can download my free book full of positive thoughts for self belief here).


Great energy.

My own energy, the energy I bring and contribute to others is something I am particularly self-aware of.

Energy speaks louder than words. I feel incredibly strong about this sentiment.

Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane’s autobiography is one of my favourites. She had a vision of the woman she wanted to be and she pursued it with gusto. Nothing stood in her way.

Our lives are defined by our relationships with others and with ourselves. They make our journey through life a joy or a drag. Invest your time, love and energy with those who bring joy to your heart. And invest in you- your selfcare, your well being, your destiny (seperate to the destiny of loved ones in your life). You are a woman first and foremost, before you are a Mother, a lover, a friend or a sister.

Maya Angelou

Maya’s life story makes for such an inspired and thought provoking read. If you haven’t already read her book I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings you should.

Gala Darling

Being present. Listening with all ears. It’s a skill that can be hard to master in a distracted world. So many of us barely listen to what another has to say. Instead we are caught up in our own internal dialogue that self criticises the way we’re sitting, how we look or thinking ahead to what we want to say next not what is currently being said to us.

Truly listening, being engaged without distraction, is the most supreme gift you can give to another for one reason alone. You make them feel important, heard and treasured. You give them a reason to feel good and smile brighter. You give yourself a reason too.



Was there a quote above that you most needed to hear?


If you’d love a little more inspiration today to create positive change in your own life, download for free my 15 Tips For Bringing Positive Change Into Your Life here.






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