How To Move Forward With A Happy Spirit

How To Move Forward With A Happy Spirit

I recently shared this quote below on Instagram and fell in love with it straight away. This notion of having a happy spirit, of moving forward with ease, of staying your best self regardless of what is going on in your world. In fact I’m in love with being a “sunshiney” woman with a touch of spunk right now in my personal life.

I loved what Tony Robbins had to say to Marie Forleo during their latest interview together (well worth your time watching if you haven’t already, you can find it here). That we owe it to ourselves and to the others we love in our lives to enjoy our lives, to be fulfilled and to constantly improve the quality of our lives. This comes from having a mostly happy and joyful spirit because we make better, more positive decisions when we are in a happy place within ourselves. When we feel good we do good!

How To Move Forward With A Happy Spirit

We all want to be happy. Not just the happy on the outside- what we project to others, but to be genuinely happy- to feel a true sense of happiness on the inside.

There’s an awful lot to be gained if we can move forward with a happy spirit and carry that kind of feeling and purpose inside. A lot less weight to be carried on our shoulders if we do.

So how can we capture that spirit consistently within ourselves? Regardless of our outer world dramas.


Expect The Best

Worry and overthinking doesn’t solve your problems or lead to better outcomes, quite the opposite. It leaves you instead with a stressed spirit. You start seeing problems where there were none, over anticipating trouble and the worst case scenario unnecessarily. It does not lead to happiness or a happy spirit!

However if you expect the best, plan for the best, while remaining mindful of possible challenges and hurdles than you begin to start seeing possibility and opportunity.

In life you get what you’re looking for. You get what you focus on.

It’s similar to when you see a car that you like and then all of a sudden start seeing that car everywhere on the road whenever you’re driving. It isn’t magic and people didn’t go out and all of a sudden buy these cars!! The cars were always there, you just didn’t notice them- now you’re simply focusing on them without realising. Look for the best, more often than not you’ll find it.

Find Your Centre

What am I referring to here? This is your sense of self, your essence- who you are, where you come from, what you’re made of, your base chakra (if you want to talk in terms of spirituality). For most of us this kind of strong base that carries us forward comes from having strong and positive family ties. It’s what all other aspects of our personality, our sense of belonging are built upon. Speak to anybody who has weak family ties, for whatever reason and they can tell you the sense of loss and disconnection that comes from not having that experience or feeling inside them. A strong base centres you and leaves you with a sense of grounding and knowingness to fall back on whenever you need. It helps you to make more positive and self-loving choices for yourself. To help strengthen this centre spend time with your loved ones, including your extended family. Surround yourself with photos of the people you love to remind yourself of that connection.

If family connection is lacking for you in parts then exploring your family history a little deeper can help to strengthen and build on your base, your centre. Fill in the gaps in your family history. Find yourself a generation where you can feel “hey these are my people!” if this generation are not. I promise you they are in your family tree somewhere, maybe just a generation or two back and is wonderful for giving more insight to a person’s life simply beyond their name, birthdate and date of death. Alternately become a part of a wider community that brings greater meaning to your life- a church, an involved sporting group or a charity for instance.

Let Go Of The Past

We all have one. For most of us it’s a mixed bag of amazing, memorable, good, bad, disappointing and hurtful. The point is we all have one and it’s where it belongs, in the past!! The good stuff carry with you, the less than ideal stuff you learn from. And then you do better. A happy spirit leaves the negative residue way behind as soon as they can because there’s nothing more to be gained from it. Your past doesn’t have to taint or ruin your present moment or relationships. Face your emotions, deal with them honestly and then move on from them. And just to make you smile…..

How To Move Forward With A Happy Spirit

Because it’s the truth. You are just prolonging your own suffering and adding to others if you continually look back on your past and carry the negativity of it forward with you. Life is too short for that.


Focus On What’s Important

We are easily bogged down in our modern world with stuff that doesn’t actually matter. Constantly bombarded with distractions and demands for our attention that doesn’t actually add to positive feelings or to our happiness.. Yes some of it is important but some of it is also unnecessary. So much of this noise does not contribute to us moving forward with a happy spirit, it turns us into that person moving forward with a stressed spirit again.

Moving forward with a happy spirit requires us to make daily choices between what is actually a need and what is a want. Between what is a positive choice and what is a negative choice.

Ultimately, where you spend most of your time, where you direct your most attention reveals what your focus is on and what is important to you. Are those two things in line with your values? With your long-term goals?


Recognise What Is Not Your S#!t and What Is

And don’t take anything personally. Everybody is living life as best as they know how, we are all (mostly) innocent at heart. Once you recognise this you can equally lose your expectations when it comes to other peoples behaviour. We all bring our own piece of the puzzle to every situation we find ourselves in.

It’s important to be honest with ourselves and recognise “ok, this was my part of the puzzle and this was theirs”. Honesty, not for the sake of self-criticism or to be in the right but so you can move forward having learnt something positive rather than carry resentment, anger or frustration. Honesty so that you can keep being your vibrant, shining self.

Life is too short for any other kind of experience.

I personally believe that accepting and acknowledging your own s&#t as equally as you do others is key to living life with a happy spirit. Of immense personal growth also. Our relationships with others are our biggest teachers, our harshest mirrors. When you can accept your own part that you played in any situation as equally as you can pin other’s behaviour on them than you can truly learn from it and let it go- completely.


This isn’t fluffy stuff to talk about having a happy spirit. You don’t need a picture perfect life or a crystal altar in your home (though I’d happily have the jumper above, it would make me happy!) It’s an inside, shining from within feeling that I’m describing. It’s genuine and people sense it in you. Others can’t help but pick up on it.

So…….what do you most need to work on or let go off to move forward with a happy spirit?


Get clear on what being your absolute best inside and out looks like with my book here.


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