How To Make A Vision Board Using Pinterest

How To Make A Vision Board Using Pinterest

Have you ever thought to make a vision board? Maybe you considered it a little too wank or woo-woo perhaps?

Can I invite you to change your mind on this one, because visualisation works and science supports this. (You can read about that here).

Creating a vision board, placing it in a space where you will see it often throughout your day allows you to visualise how you want to feel in your life and what you want to have happen in your future. Whatever it is that you are working towards, want to change, want to feel, your vision board will act as a non-verbal reminder every time you see it. Without even realising it you will be doing short visualisation exercises throughout the day.

The purpose of a vision board is to bring everything to life on it. It’s about creating an intention and working towards it.

There are no rules. Put on your vision board what feels and looks good to you. Beautiful images that make you feel the way you want to feel (at peace, vibrant, energetic, successful). Quotes that inspire. Whatever inspires and motivates you add it to your own vision board.

Of course, you can create a vision board the “old school way.” Magazines, scissors, cork board or paper, glue or pins. But I love using Pinterest for my own for one reason. Beautiful images, quotes and inspiration abound on Pinterest for me.

How To Make A Vision Board Using Pinterest?

1. Set the tone for it to be a fun experience. Play music that you love, candles, a glass of wine, cup of herbal tea. Whatever relaxes you.

2. Consider what your goals are in any or all of the area of your life that you’d like to focus on. Health, career, parenting, finances, travel, personal growth, spirituality, relationships, home. Whatever is most important to you ask yourself what would you like to see happen in that part of your life. Get honest. If you need, and I do recommend it, write those goals down.

3. Create a new specific board on Pinterest for your Vision board. Make it a secret board if you want it to be private and start searching for images, pinning the ones that you like onto your new board. Get creative, search for feelings, places, colours, people you admire. Some examples for you include meditation, inspiring quotes, beach, motherhood, running, art, success, logo design. You will be surprised what you will find and where you end up!!

4. Once you feel like you have found and pinned the perfect images for you, go back to your own board and take a glance over it. Make a final cut. Maybe you found a quote that you loved, but found another one that you liked even more. So unpin it. Once you are happy with all the images left on your board, copy and paste each image, saving them onto a file on your desktop.

5. Click over to picmonkey, a free photo editing website. Click on collage, upload from your computer and lay out your photos into a collage as you wish. You can change the dimensions of your vision board to have it as wide as you would like, and you can choose different options in terms of tiles. Most importantly you can drag photos in between other photos on your board to create your own layout. Play around with it, once you have the hang of picmonkey it is very simple to use.

6. You’re done! Now all you have to do is print out your vision board and display it where you are going to see it most often in your day. Above your computer, your bathroom, in the kitchen, your office at work. You can have your vision board in one place, or displayed in several places.

Mostly, enjoy creating your vision board. It’s meant to be fun and leave you feeling inspired and good in yourself. It doesn’t have to be serious business to work.

Do you, or have you ever created a vision board? Did the things you visualise happen for you?

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