Have You Been Feeling “Blah?” How To Change That Feeling In 7 Days

Have You Been Feeling “Blah?” How To Change That Feeling In 7 Days

Has Autumn (and now Winter) seen some seasonal habits creep into your daily life. The cooler weather arrives and often that Summer feeling goes and along with it all the healthy choices we had been making- time spent being active outdoors, eating more fresh foods and salads, social catch ups with friends to enjoy balmy summer evenings.

It’s not a question of weight, more a question of how you feel in yourself when I ask if you have started feeling blah? And by blah I mean sluggish and less energetic.

The drop in temperature, the grey sky isn’t really an excuse (as much as we might like to think it is!) for a change in our energy levels or our mood.

How can we go from feeling blah to feeling amazing again in 7 days regardless of the change in weather?

Move Everyday

Get hot while it’s not! It doesn’t have to be for a long time (research has proven that 30 minutes of exercise is ideal) but everyday move your body. Breaking a sweat does wonders for clearing our minds, it makes us feel fit and strong and lifts our confidence. Whether it’s walking instead of driving, going on a run, doing a small workout at home or session at the gym. Everyday commit to something and schedule it into your day- the time and what you are going to be doing. Rug up if you need to but make it a no brainer for yourself.

Snack Less

Snacking is my achilles heel! The majority of us eat three mostly healthy square meals a day. Many of us come undone with our snacking habits. If we improve on what we eat in between meals and the snacks we eat of an evening often our diet improves immensely! Prepare healthy snack choices for the week, keep them always at hand and move out of sight all the high sugar, high fat snacks that you grab for and eat without thinking.

Read More

Turn off the TV and read a good book. It’s one of life’s simple luxuries, to read and enjoy the quiet yet so many of us can’t find the time to read unless we are on holidays despite always finding the time to watch TV or stare at our smart phones. It really is a matter of priorities. Even twenty minutes in your evening before you fall asleep can make you feel like you’ve enjoyed some relaxed down time in your day. And you have learnt a little, felt inspired or lost yourself in a good story at the same time.

Drink More Water

All of us could do with drinking more water. Not sipping, guzzling the stuff. We need at least 2-3 litres for healthy functioning of our bodies and minds. Dehydration presents itself more than just as thirst, but also as lethargy, hunger, un-motivation, pallor/grey skin and sickness. Don’t be afraid to drink up and to swap your warm caffeine laden drinks for warm water with lemon or a herbal tea.

Change Things Up A Little

If life has been a little hum drum, same thing day in day out than mix things up a little. Go out for dinner with friends and try a new cuisine. Or have a curry night with friends where everybody brings a dish (I did this recently and it was lots of fun). Explore somewhere different on the weekend. Try a form of exercise you’ve been wanting to try but haven’t had the chance to yet (air yoga is something I’m dying to try). Overhaul your closet and actually move on the things you don’t want or need. Join a group exercise program. Tweak your hairstyle. Whatever you have been considering might be good to do then do it during these 7 days (or make plans to be able to as soon as you can).


What do you most need to change up a little right now?


For further inspiration on getting healthy and feeling your best inside and out you can find more information on my book A Vibrant Heart here.


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