How To Find Your Own Gee Spot (And Add More Pleasure To Your Life)

How To Find Your Own Gee Spot (And Add More Pleasure To Your Life)




You can tap into your pleasure point at any time. Did you know that?

Now take your mind out of the gutter for the moment. I’m not suggesting your days be one long constant orgasm. But a pleasure yes.

Of course I need to include your physical G-Spot in this conversation but I’m also talking beyond that. To your Gee spot. A spot that adds pleasure into your life in small ways all the time without getting you arrested.

Pleasure is so much more than just about sex. It can be about exploring and experimenting throughout the day. Purely for your own benefit and enjoyment.

This is all about raising your own vibration.

So what am I talking about exactly?

1. Music

Ramp your music choices up a little from time to time. Hot and heavy, slow and dirty. Anything that will have you dancing in your seat when you’re driving or grooving at your home address.

2. Clothes

Dress up a little. For no reason. Dive into the depths of your wardrobe. If yours is anything like mine you will find items back there you’ve long forgotten about. I’m not asking you to dress to impress, I’m asking you to dress to feel good. Add some colour. Throw on your heels if you enjoy wearing them.

3. Eat

Crap food will not have you dancing on your own Gee Spot. Food that looks appealing, smells delicious, makes your taste buds spring to life and that makes you feel amazing will. Serving sizes matter here. As does how you present and serve your food.

4. Smell

Have it so the areas of your life smell divine. Your car. Your house. Yourself. Try essential oils. Burn fragrant candles. Spray perfume. A beautiful scent can sometimes go a long way to changing how a space feels.

5. The Old-Fashioned Way

Sex. If you’re lovingly partnered up in an intimate partnership then way to go! I hope your other half is all over your G-Spot (if not politely direct him there).

If intimacy is an area you need to work on. Or you feel disconnected from or embarrassed by your vagina- whether as a result of child birth or not, then it’s really important that you bring more loving attention to that part of your body. Not neglect. Crystal yoni eggs are a wonderful, private and sensual practice to indulge in. They are also great for improving your pelvic floor. Rosie Ree’s yoni eggs come highly recommended here.

6. The New-Fashioned Way

Vibrators, pleasure balls, beads and crystal pleasure wands. If the idea of any of the above sounds disgusting to you then I’m going to assume that you haven’t experimented with any of them. My thoughts are simply why not? And please keep an open mind.

Using a sex toy isn’t just good for your physical and sexual health. It also has a positive impact on your emotional wellbeing and leaves you feeling more confident in your body. So if you’re experiencing a quiet spell (for whatever reason) consider these toys a fun way to experiment and explore.

And if your G-Spot has remained ever elusive to you then sex toys are the perfect (and private way) for you to find it on your own.

Just always keep in mind that sex toys, vibrators in particular, are not a long-term replacement for a man or intimacy in your life. As amazing as they can be!


I mentioned this was all about raising your own vibration at the start before I went all sex talk on you. And it is. Not so that you garner more attention but so you feel more confident and sensual in yourself. Everything that’s written above will make you feel all of this.

Whether it’s your Gee Spot or your G-Spot. Embrace bringing more pleasure into your day in all ways.

Where might you first start?


Image Source unknown. I Will Glady Credit You If This Is Yours. (Please Note Not My Vagina).

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