Why I Enjoy Working Out From Home

Why I Enjoy Working Out From Home

It might come as a surprise to hear the owner of a Pilates studio tell you that they enjoy working out from home. In fact, I almost prefer it. The reality is that despite owning a Pilates studio I deal with the same time constraints and juggles that all of us deal with on a day to day basis. Children, work, chores and having a social life being the main juggles of #mumlife.

Owning a Pilates Studio has not made fitting exercise into my day any easier!!

While I aim to always make it to at least two Reformer Pilates classes at the studio a week, I also really love the variety that working out from home brings to my routine.

So why does someone who has free access to a Pilates studio every day of the week if she pleased, continue to still keep working out from home?!!

Convenience & Flexibility

Rain and cold weather, timetables and schedules. None of that matters if I’m able to exercise without leaving the house. Working out from home has left me with zero excuses. Even if I planned to workout in the morning, and for whatever reason couldn’t, I can later on in the day once my girls are in bed. The opportunity for me to exercise is always there.

Mood & My Body

There are certainly times when pushing myself through a workout, even when I’m not feeling it, is a positive. But there are other times where my body, my hormones or my emotions are screaming at me “not in the mood” or “rest please”. Those are the times when I can choose do something lighter, more low impact, something shorter and sharper or simply just some end of the day stretching and lengthening. It also works in the opposite way when I have more energy, more motivation than usual and so take the opportunity to push myself a little harder. For me fitness certainly works better if I listen to my body and move accordingly.


Somethings are just better kept to within your own four walls! I include my leg workout that I do on a Monday in this category. It’s never pretty and honestly it never will be! Forty five minutes of exercises  that frankly I don’t really enjoy. I appreciate what jumping squats, jumping lunges, burpees and so on do for my lower half but I couldn’t handle random people possibly watching me as I push myself through it all. The fitter and stronger I have become, the harder my leg workout has become. So I know it will always be a challenge. Never easier. Necessarily private as a result for me!

Saves So Much

Not just the obvious- money. But also time and energy. If it’s right there, all the equipment set up in it’s usual corner of a room in my house, than it’s easy to do. Working out from home allows me to workout everyday- which I now mostly do. Whether it’s 45 minutes or 15 minutes, first thing in the morning or at the end of the day, I’m moving my body in some way at home everyday.


I enjoy working out with others in a class environment. It’s always fun and challenging. I enjoy the variety that instructors bring to a class. I enjoy working out with people that I know. But I also equally enjoy being in charge of my own workouts also. Choosing when I feel like doing certain exercises, or what I choose to focus on in my workout on that day. I know my body and it’s weaknesses/strengths. Working out from home allows me to target certain areas of my body more often, repeat the moves I know work best for me and push myself harder where I know I need to.


Working out from home as well as in our studio over the last two years has left me feeling stronger and fitter in my body than I have in a long time. I’m also exercising more than I’ve ever done before now that I’m not confining my exercise to just the gym or just the Pilates studio. In so many ways it’s really working for me.

Do you exercise from home, at a gym or at a studio?

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