Four Years Ago…

Four Years Ago…

Four years ago I was a totally different person than I am today. Four years ago I was a stay at home Mum, newly separated, realising that I had to return back to the paid workforce to support myself, knowing that everything that was in my life now was about to change and not knowing how life was going to look for me in twelve months. I’d never had a bill solely in my own name. I’d never lived on my own.

And then there was dating 🙈 I’d been with the same man since I was twenty one. And here I was at thirty three ~ not even sure who I was anymore or what I wanted for myself other than it to be different than what I’d just said goodbye too. Twelve years with the one person…it made me feel hesitant and unsure about putting myself back out there.

The truth is that if myself from four years ago came to my house, knocked on the door to visit me she would be blown away. She’d wonder where I got that glint in my eye, how my outlook got so positive and happy, how the heck I was financing this house and this life, how I managed to bags the guy I’m dating and for him to be the one punching above his weight (he totally is 😜).

She’d put down that milky latte and snack she was eating out of habit because she was tired and needed the caffeine and sugar to get through the day, and she’d take herself back to the Pilates studio that she’d let herself fall out of love with because she’d see that she had put everyone else’s needs above her own for long enough 💓

I’ve learnt that change starts by taking baby steps, every single day even when it feels challenging. And it’s sustained by holding onto a vision that is wonderful and true for you- no matter the distractions that sometimes happen.

I’m so excited to be able to share with you my Women’s Wellness Circle where I’ve combined everything I’ve used and learnt myself personally over the last four years to take me from where I was then to where I am today.

I’d absolutely love to have you join us and support you to be that woman you want to be so you can uplevel what you attract and keep in your life too.

Learn more about the Women’s Wellness Circle here.

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Carla Da Costa

Carla Da Costa Life Coach, Certified Law Of Attraction Coach, Author and Speaker