3 Ways To Bring Creativity Back Into Your Life (Without A Guitar Or Paintbrush In Hand)

3 Ways To Bring Creativity Back Into Your Life (Without A Guitar Or Paintbrush In Hand)

Everyone is creative. Everyone. Maybe you tell yourself you’re not naturally creative- you can’t draw, have thumbs for fingers, have no sense of colour and take forever to string together a paragraph.

The truth. We take being and thinking creatively too seriously, when really it’s about two things: having fun and expressing ourselves. That’s all creativity is about.

Let’s also recognise another truth. Being creative is more than just being able to create art. It’s as much about being open-minded and having the ability to come up with new, out of the box type ideas.

Whether you write, draw, play music, think or problem-solve creatively. Whether you are talented at it or not, studies have shown that being continuing to be creative anyway is good for your health. It lowers your stress levels, decreases negative emotion and improves your general wellbeing.

So, how can you bring creativity into your life, without having to become a reclusive and slightly mad artiste.

1. Become An Appreciator Of The Arts.
It doesn’t have to be your own creativity that you enjoy. Appreciating art and beauty in any form also nurtures your own creative streak. The theatre. Art galleries. Museums. Open gardens. Local festivals and markets. Street art. Foreign movies. Get out there, explore and enjoy your own city and neighbourhood. Sign up to pre-sales for discounted tickets.

2. Beautify Your Space
I have had fun with this one over the past 6 months. Putting time and effort into creating my space, indoors and outdoors, has had a positive flow on effect to how I feel and how much I enjoy and appreciate being at home. Sourcing inexpensive prints for my walls (Society6 and Etsy are my go to websites for these), framing cards from art galleries (if you live in Perth, Aspects in Kings Park have a great range), or printing images directly from Pinterest (cheeky I know- don’t sue me). Printing off photos of loved ones and creating smaller beautiful spaces in larger living spaces. It’s all fun and it’s all trial and error. If something doesn’t work in one particular spot, move it around till you find a space where it does. And if you need inspiration for ideas or even to know what it is that you like, then I prescribe an evening spent on Pinterest for you to uncover your own evolving creativity and style a little more.

3. Try Something New
What have you always wanted to try, learn or do. Flower arranging. Belly dancing. A writing workshop. A yoga class. Pottery. Learning a language and then taking a cooking class to compliment your new lingo (or if you’re able just go all Eat, Pray, Love and travel to Italy for a complete experience). There are so many interesting and new things that we can explore and bring into our lives just as hobbies. Just to say we’ve tried it in our lifetime.

Last year I did exactly that and tried something a little different. I signed up for the beautiful Claire Baker’s eCourse Wild, Well & Creative. My first course in a very long time that didn’t have a business, study or writing slant to it. I recognised that I was starting to feel burnt out, less creative and in need of an injection of fun and femininity into my life- over my usual daily to do’s.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t think you are creative, believe me, after module one, you’ll know that you are. This course is all about PLAY, taking action and finding your flow (in a more feminine, less masculine driven way).


I enjoyed every moment of this eCourse and am proud to be an affiliate for Claire’s next round of Wild, Well, Creative which is currently open for enrolment. (You can read more about the eCourse and other particulars by clicking here).

Life is short and precious and you want to fill it with interesting things- that you enjoy, love doing and have created.

In the comments below I would love you to share….if you looked at creativity with a desire to just have fun, explore and learn what would you start doing?

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