3 Simple Ways To Find Gratitude In Your Day

3 Simple Ways To Find Gratitude In Your Day

Gratitude matters.

There will always be someone for you to compare yourself against. Maybe they have a “better” body than you. Make amazing conversation. Have nicer clothes. A fancy car. No mortgage. The “perfect” relationship. Friends aplenty.

If it’s feeings of lack you are looking for, then all of us can find something to make ourselves feel not good enough. And it’s not the most ideal inner space to be living from- breeding more self doubt, less confidence and more feelings of lack of worth.

What if we could find the things in our life and ourselves that we do have to be grateful for? The things that are amazing, loving, kind, wonderful, joyous and fun. And do it simply.

Incorporating a gratitude practice into my day has changed the way I feel about myself and also how I feel about my life.

I love photographing my daily joys with Instagram for Gratitude (obviously, I created it!) but I also play around and bring gratitude into my day in other ways too.

1. Write Them Down

We all love gorgeous looking journals and one sitting beside your bed is perfect for you to write in every evening. It doesn’t have to be an essay, but writing down 3-5 things that you are grateful for can really change how you view your days. (You can find my own gratitude journal that I designed and wrote here).

2. Follow Humans Of New York On Facebook

This is one of my favourite ways to include gratitude into my day with very little effort. I follow the Humans of New York page on Facebook and turn the notifications on so that every time they post a photo I receive a notification. Being that the creator is in New York, I wake up to 2 or 3 photos and accompanying captions to read most mornings. The stories behind the photos help me to reflect on the good in my life and to count my blessings- often for the simple yet most profound things; a loving supportive childhood, money in my wallet, the opportunities in my life.

3. Find 5 In The Morning

In that space of time between the alarm going off in the morning and your feet hitting the floor think about what you have to be grateful for. What is there to look forward to today? What are you blessed with? If you can, find 5 things and share them with someone you love (dog, cat, child or partner). Anyone with ears will do!

Do you have a gratitude practice you follow?

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