15 Things To Start Doing Today To Create Positive Change In Your Life

15 Things To Start Doing Today To Create Positive Change In Your Life

Too many people believe that creating positive change requires them to completely revolutionise and overhaul their lives. For most of us that’s an overwhelming thought. The thought of where do you even start can be daunting and stop us in our tracks alone!

In my work as a life coach and through my own experience I’ve realised that lasting positive change doesn’t require you to turn your life upside down. Instead the best way to create change in your life is through small, continuous steps.

Little improvements everyday in the areas most in need of positive change will lead to big improvements overtime. Trust me on that one if it sounds too simple to you now but I’ve watched it unfold in my own life and seen it happen in the lives of others.

Take one of the 15 below statements and act on it. Do this one at a time if you need.

Doesn’t sound so daunting anymore does it?!!


1. Engage In Life

The more you give to life, the more it gives to you. This goes for giving to individuals also. Smile a little broader to the person who serves you at the counter. Put your phone down (even better put it away) when you’re spending time with someone you care about. Say yes to trying new things and seek out new experiences, new interactions.

Be the person who suggests to your friends “hey, want to do this, go here, try that”. Not only will you positively add to your life but also to the lives of others around you.


2. Choose Wisely The People You Surround Yourself With

There are people in our lives who we choose to have and there are people in our lives who we have to learn to live with. That’s the case for all of us. Where our power lies is in who we choose to surround ourselves with most of the time.

These are the people you enjoy, who love and appreciate you for who you are and who encourage you to improve in healthy and exciting ways. They uplift you, make you feel more alive, enjoy watching you grow as a person and make you a happier more settled version of yourself.

Consider the positive impact being mostly surrounded by people such as that would have on your wellbeing? It would be huge. If you have people like that in your life surround yourself with them as often as possible. And if you don’t then start to embody the kind of person you want to be and surround yourself with those kinds of people whenever you can- join a sporting club, sign up to an evening Adult Ed course, change jobs or take on a part-time job that involves doing something you love. Seek out the people you want to bring into your world.


3. Move Your Body Everyday

I am an over-prescriber of exercis. It’s my cure-all for a reason! I don’t know anybody who goes for a walk outdoors and feels crappy for it afterwards. Do you? Moving your body, breaking up a little bit of a sweat instantly improves the way you feel. It’s physiological.

Finding time everyday to do something physical, whether it’s a little or a lot is the best thing you can do for your emotional and mental wellbeing.

Next time you feel less than amazing, rather than reach for a glass of wine, or a beer, or a block of chocolate, get up and do something active instead.


4. Learn To Live In the Now

 I love this quote from Lao Tzu, “If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present”.

Unease, stress, worry, anxiety are all forms of fear. All are caused by too much future or past, not enough presence and enjoying the now. Living in the now means to simply appreciate the moment, to be in the moment. Free from the fear of past mistakes repeating themselves. Free from any future fear of being hurt or needing to control the future.

What you are doing instead is simply accepting the moment for what it is, for how it makes you feel now.

Sometimes the now is boring. The drama and emotion of the past can be more addictive and self-indulging to replay and hold onto. And the future can often feel more exciting- something we are looking forward to. It’s why it’s sometimes hard to stay in the now.

The secret is to put more fun and enjoyment into the now. To engage in the now a little more deeply. Really dive into what you’re reading, the conversation you’re having, the task you’re doing. Wrap yourself up in the now in some way so your mind stays there. (You can read more about living in the now here– it’s something I feel strongly about).


5. Chase Experiences Not Things

 Here’s the thing about spending your money chasing the next thing: a bigger house, a flashier car, the trendy handbag, the new item for your house. The more you get the more you want (or think you need). You’re never going to be satisfied!!

For sure these things can make life feel nicer, more comfortable and add pleasure to our lives but eventually we all reach a level of comfort where anything beyond that does not equal happiness it simply equals more stuff. And over time all that stuff does the opposite of what we hoped it might; it starts to actually detract from our joy and happiness.

Happiness cannot be found in things. But it can in experiences- travel overseas, small weekends away, learning new things, courses and so forth.

Spend your money (and your time for that matter) on what will add genuine happiness to your life.


6. Expect The Best

I like to think of this as choosing faith over fear. Expecting the worst only creates worry and anxiety. It paralyses us from moving forward confidently, from making positive decisions and can stop us from moving forward entirely.

Expecting the best, remaining optimistic and positive as often as we are able allows us to keep the faith. It’s a much more confident mindset to keep us moving forward in the most positive direction.



This is a snippet taken from my free eBook that is available to you. You can download and print for yourself the remainder here.


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